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As a plant-independent corporate group, KNAUF INTERFER is one of the leading distributors, processing companies and service suppliers for steel in Europe.
We are a powerful alliance of more than 20 specialist companies, with yearly sales of more than 1,000,000 tons of steel and aluminium.  


KNAUF INTERFER is a link between steel producers and the steel-processing industry, and offers ultra-precise preprocessing backed up by the most modern technology. Intuitive consultancy, and all the services provided by our Steel Service Centres, also of course form part of what we do for our customers.   More


The extensive assortment of products supplied by the KNAUF INTERFER Group naturally covers the familiar standard range, but it also includes many specialist products – sheet steel and steel strips, steel tubes and pipes, long goods, aluminium profiles and exceptional articles. And you can always count on our being able to supply the product you require in short order.   More